In a World: A Comic Book EP
The Persona’s crowdfunded comic book EP was released on June 17, 2016, “In a World” is an EP in which the songs in a digital album correspond to stories in a print comic book. The music and script were written by The Persona, and the art was illustrated by Austin artists Anissa Bryant and Ruthie Junto.
The A-side is Metaphors, an industrial hip hop anthem written by the Persona while he worked on an offshore oil rig. Ruthie Junto’s comic shares vignettes of The Persona’s time working in the Gulf of Mexico.
The B-side is Passarola, an electro-ambient song that uses images of flight to convey the challenges of committing to change. In the Passarola comic, Anissa Bryant illustrates stories from The Persona’s childhood in which he visits his family by plane.
Check out Anissa Bryant’s time-lapse video of the creation of the Passarola cover!